Mutant Turtles What?!

Acclaimed producer Kim Dawon sat down with us to discuss the creation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films, his time at The New Mickey Mouse Club as well as many other projects he continues to sheppard.

Give the Man His Props

From his first spaceship models in his garage, to his first job building props for Clarissa Explains it All.  Rich was also a prop maker on the All New Mickey Mouse ClubAdventures in WonderlandGullah Gullah Island, and From the Earth to the Moon, along with many others.

A Big Fish

Finally hooked us a big fish from Universal Studios.  Paul Meena is the former Vice President and General Manager of the Universal Studios Florida Production Group, but he earned his stripes the hard way.

Write On!

New York Times bestselling author James Ponti is a very busy guy these days, so we were very delighted that he was able to carve out a piece of his schedule to talk to us.

The Natural

Rizza is a local gal (well, by way of Hawaii), having graduated from Dr. Phillips High School, University of Florida, and Full Sail University, where she earned a degree in Film & Television Production.

Bear Necessities

Aaron Blaise, Co-director of “Brother Bear” sits down with us to discuss his brilliant animation career. 

Disney Royalty

Bob Allen was practically born into the Disney family – the Disney corporate family anyway.


What a great lesson we got in the history of Florida film from media scholar and film historian David Morton, PhD. 


Production continues with Audio Designer Rob Hill who has worked with Jim Henson, Disney Animation and many more.


Production has begun on “Hollywood East” with our first interview, Matt Garbera.

The Story

Learn more about the narrative the documentary intends to convey.


Learn more about the creators behind the scenes of the documentary including director, editors and producers.


Recent updates to the documentaries.  Learn more about upcoming shoots, interviews and crew.



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