Our first interview

Production Begins!

Production has commenced on “Hollywood East”.  Our documentary has claimed its first victim.  Matt Garbera, former Disney Project Manger for Walt Disney Animation Studios, gracefully agreed to sit before our cameras and allow us to pick his brain.

After starting out as a ride operator in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Matt began his professional career as a production assistant at what was then the brand new Disney Feature Animation Florida unit. Having worked there for many years, as well as for the Disney video post-production group, Matt regaled us for hours with some wonderful stories about those early days of production in Central Florida, and some of the celebrities he met along the way (Mark Hamill!).  He now works in the theme park design industry, and his home is chock-a-block full of mementos from throughout his career.



Matt Garbera

From his work with Disney Animation, to Disney ideas, through to Galaxy’s Edge, Matt’s contribution to the Orlando creative community has been great.  Matt sat down with us and discussed his inspirations, his highs and his lows from his vast career.

Behind the scenes

The Shoot

Shooting went very smoothly, in no small part to our workhorse of a camera, the Blackmagic 6k Pro Cinema Camera.  Producer Bob Duane oversaw the shoot, while Director Christopher Weed discussed with Matt his career that spans over 30 years.

It was a great interview, and a good way for us to get our feet wet as we officially kick-off actual filming for our documentary.  Thanks Matt!


Kim Dawson

Kim Dawson

Acclaimed producer Kim Dawon sat down with us to discuss the creation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films, his time at The New Mickey Mouse Club, as well as many other projects he continues to shepherd.

Rich West

Rich West

From his first spaceship models in his garage to his first job building props for Clarissa Explains it All, Rich has honed his skills as a prop master. Rich was also a prop maker on the All-New Mickey Mouse Club, Adventures in Wonderland, Gullah Gullah Island, and From the Earth to the Moon, along with many others, and was last seen as an Art Director on Universal’s new Epic Universe theme park.

Paul Meena

Paul Meena

Another Big Get! Finally hooked us a big fish from Universal Studios. Paul Meena is the former Vice President and General Manager of the Universal Studios Florida Production Group, but he earned his stripes the hard way.