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Christopher Weed – Director/Editor

With 30 years of experience in the film and tv industry, Christopher has had the pleasure of working with some of the most creative organizations in the industry, from Jim Henson Productions, Lucasfilm, and Walt Disney Entertainment.  He has edited Muppets, Superbowl commercials, epic theme park attractions, and Star Wars behind the scenes. 

Most of his career has been in Orlando and with the Orlando creative community which gives him a unique insight into how it works and who made it happen.

Bob Duane – Producer

Bob Duane began his career as a software programmer in the aerospace industry.  After additional studies in art and animation, he transitioned into “multimedia” development and did consulting work in that area for many years.  He was then offered and accepted a job as a digital media producer for several of the attractions for the Dubai Parks and Resorts in Dubai, UAE.  After his return to the States, he parlayed that experience into a job as an associate show producer for Universal Parks and Resorts in Orlando working on the new EPIC Universal park.  In his free time, he still likes to dabble in 2D animation.